Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clever Cupcakes Strike a Pose!

Teapot Cupcakes
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A few weeks back I was contacted by a Montreal based photographer to prepare cupcakes for an upcoming photo shoot. These are some photos that were taken of the cupcakes before they were delivered. Hopefully soon I will be posting a link to the actual photos from the shoot.

I want to thank you, the cupcakes was perfect, exactly what I wanted, and also they are very good!! The cake also was perfect for my photoshoot!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...SPRINKLES?

While not necessarily a Creative Cupcake order in the technical sense, I loved making these cupcakes so I just had to share them! Ordered for the birthday of 4 and 6 year old sisters who love sprinkles, these cupcakes were decorated with 9 different varieties! I think they just scream fun and happiness. These girls have the right idea! I think there would be more peace and love in the world of more food items came with the option of sprinkles.

Mini Baby Shower Cupcakes

It seems cupcakes are very popular at baby showers lately. As a general rule we don't decorate mini cupcakes, but for baby showers we make an exception because these little embossed fondant circles just look so cute! For this shower the sex of the baby was unknown so the decorations were ordered in green, blue, pink, and yellow to cover all the bases. Most of these designs we've used in previous orders, but the baby bottles are new and I was very happy with how they turned out.

"I'm 50!" Cupcakes.

As I made these cupcakes I kept hearing Sherry Oteri's voice from SNL yelling out "I'm 50!". These cupcakes were part of an order a woman placed for a girlfriend's 50th birthday celebration.

Thank you for making such great cupcakes. They were really the talk of the party....and oh my god so very good. You have upcoming orders.

Lavender Wedding Cupcakes

These simple but elegant chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and lavender vanilla buttercream were part of a wedding order. The white bows and lavender flowers were added to tie in with the wedding's colour scheme.

Curious George Cupcake Box

While I have to admit I am not all that familiar with Boots, Curious George is a monkey I know well. These cupcakes topped with handmade fondant Curious George decorations were for the same lucky 3 year old twins' birthday party as the Dora the Explorer cupcakes. I couldn't resist but add the Man in the Yellow Hat's hat and some bananas in case George got hungry.

Dora, Diego and Boots Cupcake Box

What 3 year old doesn't love Dora the Explorer? One pair of lucky twin girls had these cupcakes topped with handmade fondant Dora, Diego, and Boots decorations at their 3rd birthday party. To make the cupcakes extra girlie bow, hearts, and blossoms were added in coordinating Dora the Exporer colours.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kiddie Halloween Cupcakes!

Halloween Cupcakes!
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Back in August we were asked to make cupcakes with a matching giant cupcake for a little boys 1st birthday party. This time around it was his 4 year old brother's turn. The challenge was to make cupcakes that were spooky enough for Halloween but cute enough that a little boy would still want to eat them. A few of the designs that we came up with included a witch, mummy, skeleton and vampire as well as a pumpkin and a ghost couple. Now I just hope they weren't too cute to eat!

Your Halloween cupcakes were a big success. The kids gobbled them all up, choosing them over candy!!! Thanks again.

UPDATE: I was invited to enter the ghost cupcakes in's Booo-tiful Halloween Cupcake Contest and ended up as one of the winners. A big thank you to the organizers Cassie and CB!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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This year our assortment of Halloween cupcake decorations included Halloween sprinkles, a witches hat, a piece of Halloween candy, and my favourite a hand with a bloody severed finger. By the end of October 31 I was feeling like a butcher after all the fondant fingers I had cut off!

McGill University Rowing Blade Cupcakes

While on the topic of cupcakes for McGill University, these cupcakes were ordered as encouragement for one of the McGill University Rowing teams at a recent regatta in Ontario. The decorations are fondant replicas of the teams rowing blade which is always coloured red with two white triangles on the edge forming a sideways M.

Diversity Cupcakes

Diversity Cupcakes
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Our Clever Cupcakes are helping spread the word about diversity! These 10 dozen mini chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and rainbow coloured fondant circles with the letter "D" for diversity were ordered for a keynote address on Diversity at McGill University.

Pretty Christening Cupcakes

Christening Cupcakes
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These chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla buttercream where ordered by a woman for her daughter's baptism that was held at their home over 40km north of Montreal. The cupcakes were personalized with the little girls name as well as pink handmade fondant bows and blossoms.

Just a little note to thank you. The cupcakes were beautiful and delicious!