Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NewAd Corporate Logo Cupcakes

Want to show clients your gratitude? Why not do like the Media Team in BC and send your clients a box of Clever Cupcakes decorated with their corporate logo. These cupcakes topped with handmade fondant NewAd logos were sent to their Montreal office for the holidays.

Thanks so much ... I’ve already heard back from NewAd with rave reviews!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cat Cupcakes

White Cat Cupcake
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What better way to celebrate a little cat lover's 7th birthday than with cat cupcakes? These 3 dozen chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were all filled with buttercream and topped with handmade fondant white, black, and pink cats. Cupcakes with white cats were filled with vanilla buttercream, black cats with chocolate buttercream, and pink cats with strawberry buttercream.

Giant Jungle Cupcake

Giant Jungle Cupcake
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Wondering how to celebrate your twins' 1st birthday? One mom marked this momentous occasion with a giant jungle themed cupcake and 120 matching mini cupcakes.

I didn't have a chance to get a proper photo of this cake before it was delivered. The monkeys were actually quite adorable, but from this angle they look a bit scary.

Vegan Circus Cupcakes

Circus Cupcakes
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Ordered for a little boy's 1st birthday party these vegan chocolate cupcakes were filled with chocolate frosting and topped with handmad fondant circus decorations including circus tents, a lion, an elephant, a magician, a clown, and the little boy's name in lights. My favourite was the clown cupcake, until my boyfriend saw the picture and pointed out that the "x" for eyes was perhaps not an apt choice!

Giant Fendi Bag Cupcake

The order for this giant cupcake was placed by one of my best customers. After having Clever Cupcakes for one son's birthdays, and for another son's Halloween party, this time the occasion was her sister's birthday.

I was told the birthday girl loves strawberry shortcake and fashion, so we made a giant vanilla cupcake filled with fresh whipped cream, and strawberries, topped with a giant handmade fondant replica Fendi purse and matching heels.