Monday, January 26, 2009

Polka Dot Baptism Cupcakes

Some orders are just a pleasure to fill, and this was one of them. Planning for these cupcakes started 2 months ago. The idea was to come up with a cupcake design to match a cake for a little girl's baptism. The cake was covered in polka dots and topped with daisy gerberas, so we topped our cupcakes with polka dots and daisy gerberas. The light pink and green on top of the pillows of luscious vanilla buttercream went so well together.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the lovely cupcakes. They were such a big hit. They were absolutely beautiful and yummy.

Giant Vanilla Birthday Cupcake

Don't the oversized multi-coloured spinkles on this giant cupcake just scream Happy Birthday? Being a self proclaimed vanilla addict I might just have to make one of these giant vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla buttercream for my own birthday (which thankfully is many months away). I couldn't resist putting it on a black background to add a little drama.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Baby Showers Cupcakes!

I have heard of wedding season, but is it possible we are in the midst of baby shower season? These chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with blue and pink handmade fondant pacifiers were part of one of our many baby shower orders this weekend. It is a design I haven't done in a while and I forgot just how cute they are. Congrats to all the expectant mothers!

I just wanted to let you know that your cupcakes were a huge success! They were delicious and very fresh and everybody was talking about them!

More Mini Baby Shower Cupcakes

It seems I forgot to post this photo last weekend. These mini cupcakes were part of an order for a baby shower. We don't normally decorate mini cupcakes but we make an exception for baby showers because they just look so darn cute with the embossed fondant toppers. We have done the little embossed hand and footprints before but the rest of the designs including safety pins, carriages, cradles, bottles, teddy bears, and little baby girls are all new.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Super Mario Bros Cupcake Box (Again)

A new year a new set of Super Mario Bros cupcakes! This box has all the same characters as previous orders but I tried to tweak the designs to give the characters more of a three dimensional feel.

As an aside I bumped into someone who had previously ordered our Super Mario Bros Cupcakes. She told me she loved the Mario so much that instead of eating him she kept the decoration and planned on shellacking it so it would keep forever!

Red and Fuchsia Wedding

Am I the only person who didn't know how to spell Fuchsia? After a wonderful Christmas and New Years reality quickly set back in with a deluge of orders. This lovely cupcake tower was ordered for a wedding with a red and fuchsia colour scheme. I worked so hard to get the colours just right but that is not reflected by the picture taken at the very dimly lit venue. If you squint you may be able to make out our new fancy red cupcake liners.

Just a quick email to thank you for the cupcakes. They looked wonderful and added JUST the right touch to the celebration. Got great comments on the cakes!

The Official Cupcake of CJLO 1690am!

Chris Approves!
Originally uploaded by clevercupcakes
At CJLO 1690am it isn't Christmas without Clever Cupcakes! For the second year in a row Clever Cupcakes were devoured at the station's Christmas party. Served along side favourites like red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting this year's hot new flavour was rum raisin cupcakes topped with eggnog buttercream.

Toopy and Binoo Cupcakes

I have to admit, I did not know who Toopy and Binoo were before I received this order for a little boy's 3rd birthday. I must have been living under a rock because now I see Toopy and Binoo everywhere! For those not in the know Toopy and Binoo is a cartoon based on a series of children's books by a Canadian author. The decorations for this set of cupcakes included handmade fondant models of the show's main characters Toopy, Binoo, and Patchy Patch as well as stars, bubbles, and clouds which are all prominent on the show, and the birthday boy's name and age.

They looked great and were absolutely delicious! I have "after" pictures of Binoo...poor little thing...he never stood a chance! :)