Wednesday, April 16, 2008

blogosphere, here i come!

the recent and sudden death of my beloved laptop has made me realize that i am horrible at keeping a proper record of anything in my life, including my cupcake recipes and designs. luckily, i have been using Flickr for the last year so i did not lose all of my photos, and my memory is pretty good so most of my recipes are stored somewhere in the network of connections in my brain. the stories behind each of my orders however are becoming fuzzy, so i figured i would take this opportunity to make a blog to keep track of all the stories behind my orders, and to thank everyone who has placed an order in the past. it will also give me a place to display the cupcakes that i have entered in various online competitions, and to include the occasional baking related rant. for my first entry i thought it would only be appropriate to post a picture of my very first fondant cupcake:

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