Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hail to the chef!

i love receiving orders from people who have creative ideas and know exactly what they want. this order came from a woman whose boyfriend is a chef that cooks french food with an asian influence. we discussed his favourite tools and ingredients that he uses in the kitchen and here are the decorations we come up with. starting in the upper left corner and working clockwise we have: a dark brown pepper mill, a chef's jacket, a fork, a birthday cake, a fortune cookie, things, a bowl of noodles, a global knife, a fish, a soup spoon, a steak, and finally chopsticks.

I just want to say thank you again for being so accommodating, and for those AMAZING cupcakes! My (super picky) boyfriend and I were completely in awe of how beautiful everything was, and we were even more shocked at how incredible the cupcakes actually tasted! Your work definitely went beyond my expectations, and I will most certainly be telling everyone about my incredible cupcake experience with Clever Cupcakes!

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