Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cupcake Camp Montreal!

In case you haven't heard Clever Cupcakes is sponsoring Cupcake Camp Montreal! Considering the event is on Sunday, this blog post is a bit late, but we have been busy working on so much promotion for the event we haven't had time to toot our own horn!

What does being a sponsor for Cupcake Camp Montreal mean? Well, to begin with we will be donating 200 cupcakes to the event! The cost of admission is $10 which entitles you to 3 cupcake tickets and a coffee. Where is the money going? Directly to Kids Help Phone. So, that is another way of saying all the proceeds from our 200 cupcakes are going straight to Kids Help Phone. How cool is that?

To help raise awareness about the event we baked and decorated cupcakes for a segment promoting Cupcake Camp Montreal on CTV's Sunday Bite with Nadine Ishak.

Here is a photo of the decorated cupcakes taken by the talented Eva Blue. From left to right the fondant decorations we handcrafted are the Kids Help Phone logo, the Cupcake Camp logo, the City of Montreal logo, and the CTV logo.

And here is a photo I took during the filming.

In case you missed the segment when it originally aired it is now available to be viewed online.

To all Montrealer's, I hope to see you at the event on Sunday between 2-5pm at Bitoque. We have come up with a special cupcake recipe especially for Cupcake Camp Montreal, and our cupcakes will be available throughout the day. Still not convinced? Did I mention there will be cupcake contests and celebrity judges including the one and only Ricardo?

If you want to bake and donate cupcakes of your own Cupcake Camp Montreal is still looking for cupcake donations. The deadline is Friday, click HERE to register.

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