Wednesday, May 14, 2008

cupcakes by bluecupcake

in march of this year one of my uncle's dreams came true; a musical he and his friends had been working on for many years finally hit the stage. i would have loved to bake him cupcakes to celebrate his opening night, but since he is in los angeles i had to find another solution. i posted a request on the cupcakes take the cake discussion board asking if anyone in the los angeles area could make cupcakes for him in my place. julie from blue cupcake responded and offered to help me out. she made the most deliciouos chocolate and vanilla cupcakes filled with chocolate mousse and since the musical, "the smartest man in the world", was about einstein's life she topped them with the most awesome einstein decorations! my uncle was so surprised by his special cupcake delivery, and so impressed by the decorations that he brought the cupcakes to the show and shared them with the cast.

this mother's day i got to return the favour. julie asked me to prepare cupcakes for her mother and mother-in-law in montreal and i gladly obliged. the cupcake giving circle is now complete! if you are in the los angeles area be sure to check out blue cupcake.

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